Son of One Eye - Carousels (Somatic Responses Remixes)

by Somatic Responses



Carousel IS a dark song, there’s no escaping it like the gravitational pull of a blackhole it sucked us in, and what came out can be found here. We were honoured to be asked by a local band Son of One Eye (or SOOE as all the youth are calling them) to “remix the shit out of it”. And here we are.

Our initial focus was to stripe the track down but still retain the vocals and key components of the original song, so what the fuck happened?! Well, you can blame some great lyrics and a very addictive bassline forcing the issue and taking centre stage resulting in 4 very different mixes being retched up for your aural discomfort.

In Mix 1 (Glacier Mix) we took a minimal, dystopian / futuristic approach which slowly builds up to crescendo of dark synths – job done.

Mix 2 (ModulMath Mix) is a different affair utilising our analogue & modular gear and is probably the “happiest” version we did. Well, it’s how we hear happy which no doubt says a lot about us….

Moving on to Mix 3 (Amniotic Mix) which was a result of some nice experimentation & processing of the vocals within a side order of lush, long and unsettling pads, a la Eno watching 1984….

Then, we have Mix 4 (Temporal Poisoning) which to be fair is a bit fucking mental, clocking in at 220 bpm this is for the neo-rave lazer massive (whoever “they” are). Welcome to nosebleed city…

Followed by Mix 5, Welcome to the Vortex...

Finally we have a cheeky little mix by Alpturer, a solid crossbreed of electro and drum n bass. Nails.

We hope you find these mixes interesting and an engaging departure from the fabulous original.

Son of One Eye's EP can be purchased here:


released March 17, 2015

Tracks 1,2 3,4 and 5 remixed by Somatic Responses in the Micro Chambers, Ammanford, Wales, UK.

Track 6 remixed by Pasha Alpturer at Fiorina 116. Emai:




all rights reserved


Somatic Responses Ammanford, UK

The brothers John and Paul Healy, collectively known throughout the world as Somatic Responses, are still native residents of a small industrial mining community snugly located in the southwest region of Wales. Somatic Responses are into complex dislocated & broken beats, distorted intelligent constructions, fascinating sonic structures, force and sweetness intertwined. ... more

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